My phone (d2att) came with PhilZ Touch 6 (based off of CWM v6

Dan N
My phone (d2att) came with PhilZ Touch 6 (based off of CWM v6.0.4.5) from the seller, will this work to install CM11? Also, does a factory reset undo root & unlock? SuperSU appears to be a System App (can't uninstall, only uninstall updates)


Rikki Harvey01.09.2014, 01:00
You should be able to install CM11 for your phone. Just download the correct file from CM and install it using PhilZ Touch. You will probably need to flash the correct GApps for CM11 to. A factory reset on your current ROM will not remove root or unlock. +1
greg kobey01.09.2014, 01:00
Yes this will work just follow the instructions+1
Dan N01.09.2014, 01:59
Rikki Harvey greg kobey Thanks so much guys!
Dan N01.09.2014, 03:36
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Dan N01.09.2014, 15:43
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