Multi Purpose Widget (icons are clickable)

Len リドルマスター Kagamine
Multi Purpose Widget (icons are clickable)
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Multi Purpose Widget (icons are clickable)


Alexander Fu01.09.2014, 04:45
Just downloaded. Get Zooper Widget Pro from the Play Store. After that, move the widget to /sdcard/ZooperWidget/templates
Len リドルマスター Kagamine01.09.2014, 04:47
Alexander Fu thank you+1
Len リドルマスター Kagamine01.09.2014, 04:56
Alexander Fu is there a way I can change Instagram to chrome?
Alexander Fu01.09.2014, 05:01
Len Kagamine Yes. But you need to change the text values. When you open widget configuration, scroll down until you see a text item that says "Instagram". Press that and change it to " Chrome".
Alexander Fu01.09.2014, 05:03
Len Kagamine If you need help, ask me. I am a good Widget designer. Check my profile to see some of my creations.
Artem Sokolov01.09.2014, 05:31
My eyes burn, acid colors on acid background...+2
Len リドルマスター Kagamine01.09.2014, 05:42
Alexander Fu ok
Len リドルマスター Kagamine01.09.2014, 05:43
Artem Sokolov Thant's the original posters background