I'm a noob trying to install this CyanogenMod system update

Felix Ullén
I'm a noob trying to install this CyanogenMod system update, (cm-n7100-90dd3cec70-to-170fb8e965-signed) but I just get this. Does anybody know why?
I'm a noob trying to install this CyanogenMod system update


Ardian Azizi01.09.2014, 15:45
Download again and make it sure that is current version. Full wipe and install again it wont brick.+1
Samuel Garcia01.09.2014, 15:45
Maybe a bad/corrupt download.
Jeremy Vista01.09.2014, 15:45
Sounds like bad download. Always check the md5 to ensure your download is ok if your rom came with one. +1
Bryan Anderson01.09.2014, 17:03
Don't know current version numbers, but I've errors like this when using a less than up-to-date recovery.
Sean Patterson01.09.2014, 17:53
Also being that you're new to this, I highly recommend using TeamWin rather than ClockworkMod. It's easier to use and I have had a lot less of the issues like you're running into.+1
Bryan Anderson01.09.2014, 18:30
I use TeamWin (TWRP) but am pretty sure I read something recently about it not working with the recent CM nightlies (no experience myself as I've switched to GPE on my M8)
Samuel Garcia01.09.2014, 18:32
CM installs and runs fine on my N5 with twrp as my recovery.+2
Sean Patterson01.09.2014, 18:42
I've had no issues with flashing ROMs, kernels, etc. ever since I starting using TWRP. If there was an issue it was my own fault, i.e. wrong file.
TWRP is the only tool to flash with!+1
Felix Ullén01.09.2014, 19:03
Thanks for all the answers guys! I'm gonna try to get TWRP and flash another ROM. I still have 4.3.1 and really want to test drive KitKat on my Note 2. Is it hard to change CWM to TWRP?
Sean Patterson01.09.2014, 19:13
Felix Ullén never tried on a Note 2 so I can't address the process. But I would imagine it's no more difficult than it was to get CWM on there.