Error while retrieving information from server (RPC

Jason Steven
Error while retrieving information from server (RPC:S-7:AEC-0)

Please help. I'm getting this error on my GS3 and my Nexus 7s (12&13 models).
I've tried force stopping & clearing data from Play Services & Google Play, then deleting my account. This method worked when this same thing happened last year, but I'm having no luck this time around.
Does anyone have any other suggestions? It's getting kind of annoying to say the least.


Jason Steven04.09.2014, 20:00
Thanks! I was one step away from a factory reset!+1
Mark Johnson04.09.2014, 20:02
I've been getting the same Error since last night on all my android devices, it is rather annoying, and the lack of information from Google is infuriating!+1
Jason Steven04.09.2014, 20:05
Last night must've been "Google intern night at the strip club" and no one is around to fix it yet because they're hungover. TheInternship ontheline
Jason Steven06.09.2014, 02:58
Still no fix. Google support was very friendly on the phone, but couldn't help other than to say "its being worked on".