Which is more stable? Android or iOS So, in the early years

Ryan Moore
Which is more stable? Android or iOS
So, in the early years, Android was the 'rough around the edges' type.  It did a lot... in some cases a lot more opportunity than iOS offered, but you had to live with the fact that it was kind of a 'work in progress' still.  Sometimes it wasn't the smoothe...

Which is more stable? Android or iOS


EvilTurkeySlices 18.11.2016, 23:45
iOS, definitely. +2
Michael Baron18.11.2016, 23:45
As both are Unices, there should be no stability concerns at all...
However, when it comes to sevurity, I do not like both platforms and - especially - their proprietary app stores, which are simply full of malware, at all...
b kinseb18.11.2016, 23:45
İOS way more stable my s7edge went to Tmobile store cause having problems and they did a check and found out almost every app I downloaded was crashing 100 of a times a month pretty much every app that been out for over 3 years was crashing something is majorly wrong Google needs to weed out the garbage or give app maker warning or get kicked out
Doug Baker19.11.2016, 00:26
Both are stable for the most part. But I would give iOS the slight edge.
colin pyper19.11.2016, 21:00
Here is where the ignorant voice their uneducated opinions.
Bradley Frederick19.11.2016, 21:00
iOS for sure
Greg Ybañez19.11.2016, 21:00
b kinseb19.11.2016, 21:00
colin pyper yeah I'm just gonna lie about something so stupid and I really don't care if you don't belive me one thing is true android people on Google plus like you are one of the stupidest people on earth.
Jaren Hutchings19.11.2016, 21:00
Gee what a reliable source
Greg Ybañez19.11.2016, 21:00
Post your proof that says otherwise.
Jason Scheffler19.11.2016, 21:00
How about we all play nice without any name calling or insults?
colin pyper19.11.2016, 21:00
b kinseb you must be really stupid if you are the only person on earth to make a phone behave in that manner.
Jason Scheffler19.11.2016, 21:00
I guess I must have stuttered when I said play nice. b kinseb has left the building. Anyone else?