Which is better for Apple. (This relates

Aldo Gallegos
Which is better for Apple. (This relates to a Techno Buffalo video i saw)


Boss Nerd21.08.2016, 03:45
Their software is horrible. They did good on hardware all the way to the 5s. After that it was horrible.+1
That Trôllbûstêr21.08.2016, 03:45
Software. They definitely know how to optimize.
Thomas Westrick21.08.2016, 03:45
The integration between their software and hardware. It's amazing how good the performance is with how much RAM they use.

Also, the integration between all the parts of their ecosystem, and how everything (usually) just works. +1
Shan L21.08.2016, 04:45
Thunderstorm Central 4S* since 2012 iphones are planned obsolescence
gurudeep p21.08.2016, 04:45
If the hardware is great and integrated with a well developed software,then it's an Apple
Thomas Westrick21.08.2016, 04:45
Shan how are they planned obsolescence? Apple supports their hardware much longer than any other manufacturer.
keith kiely21.08.2016, 04:45
If the hardware is four years old and still being used / sold at ridiculous price it's apple.
Thomas Westrick21.08.2016, 04:45
keith kiely or it just holds its value well because they still support it.
gurudeep p21.08.2016, 04:45
keith kiely don't make senseless comments, they upgrade their soc for every new flagship.if u can't afford those ridiculous price phone, go beg
keith kiely21.08.2016, 04:45
Tom Westrick​ lol they world find out hard not to support an i5... . Silly statement.
Boss Nerd21.08.2016, 04:45
That Trôllbûstêr But their animation are extremely slow and literally everything in the OS lags after the first month.
Boss Nerd21.08.2016, 04:45
gurudeep p​​ Huh that's funny because almost every Anddroid smartphone nowadays is both faster and tougher than any iPhone.
Boss Nerd21.08.2016, 04:45
Tom Westrick It's planned obscelence because they still support processor power from 2012. Just because they support it doesn't mean it's good.
Nathan Blaser (MorningStar)21.08.2016, 04:45
Minus design most of their hardware is off the shelf parts. It's their software that makes them truly uniqe.
Thomas Westrick21.08.2016, 04:45
Thunderstorm Central that's literally the opposite of planned obsolescence, it's them supporting their product longer than any other manufacturer. Even Google only pushes security updates for three years.
keith kiely21.08.2016, 09:30
The real answer is marketing by the way. +1
Jay Thomas21.08.2016, 19:30
Marketing and the way they lock you into there ecosystem.. +4
Axel Montini21.08.2016, 19:30
The hardware is crap, but the software is optimized very well, because they only have to do it for their products. Other OSs have to run on third-part hardware
Steffen Andersen21.08.2016, 19:30
Jay Thomas SPOT ON!+1
Marcus Ray21.08.2016, 19:30
Their software sucks.
Lee Fear21.08.2016, 19:30
Apples marketing....+1
Matthew Arnold21.08.2016, 19:30
Doesn't apple use a much lower level Programming language than Android? Also it's software isn't running in a VM.

This has always been the factors which come to mind when I play with an iPhone, as I've never really experienced the choppiness I get on my android with an iPhone.

I'll never own an iPhone for the shear fact they are a rip off.

But I don't think the hardware on Android devices is fast enough for the overhead of the software to be as smooth as iPhone.

Think about it, to end Android phones, from a hardware standpoint are more powerful, but IMHO, and I hate saying out, but they still don't compare during very heavy usage.

At least that's my experience with my Nexus 6 and Nexus 7, they can be very sluggish at times.
Lee Fear21.08.2016, 19:30
Matthew Arnold both swift (iphone) and Java (android) eventually compile to machine code via a VM. Also android has a c++ SDK too which again is compiled and also allows lower access to hardware and os functions. Android also handles processes better than iOS but apple restricts what iOS allows to multitask in order to speed things up. This means android has more functionality but the downside is that google can't control the experience as tightly. My Nexus 6p runs silky smooth.+1
Andrew Niziolek21.08.2016, 21:30
Apple is usually a few years behind as far as hardware goes, not sure why anyone would say hardware is better.

As far as software goes, Apple usually builds their software to spec to work with their devices making it some of the most reliable software.
Lee Fear21.08.2016, 21:30
Andrew Niziolek with some of the most security bugs....
Andrew Niziolek21.08.2016, 21:30
Lee Fear To be fair however, they are usually patched within a week of being reported. That's the thing about having an entire corporation working on updating software for a set of devices that are closely controlled by themselves.

I am in no way saying Apple is better than Android, Android all the way in an overall perspective, but I do have to admit, at least on the mobile side, updates are at least prompt no matter the device.
Lee Fear21.08.2016, 22:30
Andrew Niziolek apple Mac OS and ios are at the top of unfixed security vulnerabilities....

Scott Reynolds21.08.2016, 22:30
Brandt Kruger21.08.2016, 23:30
Very difficult decision. Top quality hardware and software is secure and efficient.
Lee Fear21.08.2016, 23:30
Brandt Kruger are you joking?
Shan L22.08.2016, 07:30
Tom Westrick yup yet the older phones lag and performance nothing like not before update. IPhone 5 with ios 6 has battery life and instantly worse by a lot with ios 7 for example.
Ian Blanco22.08.2016, 18:30
Calling it quits
Herb Riede22.08.2016, 19:29
Software is absolutely horrible. Hardware is stable. Unless you're talking mobile, then it all sucks