Which do you prefer?? Virtual keyboard or Physical keyboard

Eric Ding
Which do you prefer?? Virtual keyboard or Physical keyboard?


EvilTurkeySlices 03.12.2016, 18:45
I prefer a physical, but not on smart phones, they are too small.
Chris Johnston03.12.2016, 18:45
I learned to type without looking at the keys. I really wish there was a way to do it on a smart phone. I often resort to voice recognition.
Michael Schneider03.12.2016, 19:00
Using several languages it took some time until virtual keyboards were there but now it works very well. Only downside, they are not very good with special language like Swiss German.
Ashwin U. Kumar03.12.2016, 19:05
Only BB users know the hands-on typing love of physical keyboard...
Eric Ding03.12.2016, 19:14
Ashy US I used a blackberry before and typing wasn't really pleasant at all..
Rob Rai03.12.2016, 19:20
I prefer physical, but I'm faster on a virtual.
Jay Morris03.12.2016, 19:37
Not true Ashy US
Palm Pre users also
Ernie Guerrero03.12.2016, 21:15
SwiftKey with word predictions is simple and fast.
Kenny Foster24.12.2016, 06:15