What's Your Favorite Flagship Phone ? Let's see who wins

Mohamed Imshan
What's Your Favorite Flagship Phone ? Let's see who wins :D ;)


Alan Turing24.04.2015, 06:45
Nexus 6+1
hugo vazquez24.04.2015, 06:45
And lg g4? +2
Mohamed Imshan24.04.2015, 06:45
It's not yet Available +1
hugo vazquez24.04.2015, 06:45
Mohamed Imshan so z3 maybe +1
Mohamed Imshan24.04.2015, 06:45
hugo vazquez What u mean by Z3 maybe?? It's already there.. Sony's Flagship phone
Florin Liviu24.04.2015, 06:45
My favorite is Oneplus One .+1
Mohamed Imshan24.04.2015, 06:45
Florin Liviu It's a nyc phone with Flagship specs.. A beast phone :)
Santhosh Kumar24.04.2015, 07:10
why isn't Oneplus one in the list??
Constantin Banciu24.04.2015, 07:22
Sheila Barber24.04.2015, 08:45
That's right, Santhosh Kumar​​. We LOVE that phone!
I Still voted as I loved my SGSIII & I've heard nothing but good things about that 6. Sammy really (finally) did their thing!+1
Santhosh Kumar24.04.2015, 09:45
Sheila Barber​ honestly s6 is the first samsung phone I've ever cared for.. I never respected and I never ever was interested in Samsung. +1
Vedran Mušica24.04.2015, 10:45
No 1+1, no LG, and it has iPhone. I vote for LG. Or - none of the above.+2
Art Thib24.04.2015, 10:45
Note 4
Alan Turing24.04.2015, 11:45
I'm using lg nexus 4+2
luis smith24.04.2015, 11:45
huawei honor 6 plus
Alan Turing24.04.2015, 11:45
luis smith​ I had a huawei phone before+1
Jim West24.04.2015, 11:45
Samsung Note 4+1
Rafał Glombik24.04.2015, 11:45
Asus ZenFone2+2
Karim Kalschoven24.04.2015, 11:45
Nokia 3210+2
Santhosh Kumar24.04.2015, 12:45
Karim Kalschoven haha well mine is nokia 5130 xpress music+1
hugo vazquez24.04.2015, 14:45
Mohamed Imshan my fault, z3 no doubt +1
Marc Mercier24.04.2015, 14:45
LG g3
Matthew Bassett24.04.2015, 14:45
So many poor confused samsung people that just don't know there is something else out there other than touch wiz! There is hope, come back to the real android fold!
Florin Liviu24.04.2015, 15:45
Mohamed Imshan yes it is and after flashing CM12S it is even faster !+1
Mohamed Imshan24.04.2015, 15:45
Florin Liviu Really, i recently  checked some videos of CM12s on a 1+1, it looked snappy n quick (Y), But recently One+1 has released their own OS(Oxygen OS) ryt??
Florin Liviu24.04.2015, 16:45
Mohamed Imshan Oxygen OS is boring and weak compared to Cm12S . I will forever stick with CM Team !+1
Adam Jones24.04.2015, 16:45
None of the above.
Ronald Butts24.04.2015, 16:45
Note 4 is my choice. Have had the Note 4 since January, an amazing phone!+1
Siar Constantine24.04.2015, 17:07
Meizu MX4 Pro
andrius karpas24.04.2015, 23:00
OnePlus One+2
Sam Stone25.04.2015, 05:00
I just got my S6 today and I love it. +1
Mohamed Imshan25.04.2015, 06:00
Florin Liviu Yahh the CM s the best in the market, and the features it has superb :)