What should i get?

Bálint Leitner
What should i get?


James Torgerson10.09.2016, 18:45
If you meant 6p I'd go with that. The Motorola one is trash.
Deadpool 10.09.2016, 18:45
I have the 5x the display is awful it's so pale with no colour had to go back to my s6 edge plus I'd get the Nexus 6 if I were you.
Thomas Westrick10.09.2016, 18:45
The 5X, it's going to be supported for an extra year +3
Karan Das10.09.2016, 18:45
Try to get a 6p, if not then a 5x should suffice. The faster charging and significantly better camera are enough of a reason IMO to choose it over the 6.
Lee Fear10.09.2016, 18:45
Karan Das the 5x and 6p share the same camera unit.
Deadpool 10.09.2016, 18:45
Lee Fear It's not bad but I came from an AMOLED I think an LCD display isn't that bright or colourful in my opinion.
Sergio Contreras10.09.2016, 18:45
James Torgerson Did you even have a 6? I have it. My brother has the 6P. He misses the wireless and the Water Proofed phone. The camera is good, not great but gets the job done.
Sergio Contreras10.09.2016, 18:45
I love my 6 (Shamu) baby! It's on Nougat and it is rocking!
Z Parker10.09.2016, 18:45
Sergio Contreras lol yea I just dismissed his comment it's one thing to say something else is better but it's obviously not trash+1
Sirio Adler10.09.2016, 19:45
Rocking Nexus 6 on Nougat and it's smooth as butter, if you want the camera in the Nexus 6 to really shine then get an app called Manual Camera, I think its about 2.99 on the Play Store, worth every penny and I've been getting regular updates on the app, it gives you a ton of options and Google should swallow that app and make that the new camera app for Nexus phones. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.vipek.camera2&hl=en
Don Dudas10.09.2016, 19:45
Whatever fits your budget and feels comfortable in your hand
richard miller10.09.2016, 19:45
6 is still a good device. As far as official support on a nexus device, nobody gets a nexus to play by the rules. Just flash what you want.+1
teknoloji manyağı10.09.2016, 23:45
I did the same poll now Im using Nexus 6p :)
Matthew Bell10.09.2016, 23:45
dirty south11.09.2016, 18:45
Google announced the end of their Nexus branch after 6 years what you should get is simple think about witch brand of phone are you going to buy
Lee Fear11.09.2016, 18:45
dirty south really, they have announced the end if Nexus? Link please.....

I assume you are referring to the pixel devices which might or might not replace the Nexus brand. However these will still be Nexus in all but name.
dirty south11.09.2016, 18:45
richard miller11.09.2016, 20:45
Still a nexus, they just changed the name to pixel. Google play, Android market. Blablabla. Just a name change.
james robinson11.09.2016, 21:45
The 6p is a superb phone. I've never owned a nicer phone.
james robinson11.09.2016, 21:45
It is really big tho
Lee Fear11.09.2016, 21:45
dirty south that is not an official statement from Google. It is an article in the daily mail which lest be honest is not exactly the most accurate paper in the world......

Plus as I said pixel will be Nexus with a new name.
Michael Diaz11.09.2016, 21:45
I have the Motorola 6. It works great with the latest OS, but only after you wipe cache.
Petru Vicol11.09.2016, 23:04
Nokia 3310
Lee Fear12.09.2016, 01:30
Petru Vicol has there ever been a greater phone than the 3310....?+1