What are your thoughts on the new Blackberry DTEK50 for 300$

kadaji Yang
What are your thoughts on the new Blackberry DTEK50 for 300$?

spec wise doesn't look too bad..



Jason Wiltjer15.08.2016, 08:45
It's a budget phone, I'm not interested.
Nero 3S15.08.2016, 08:45
Same specs as a Moto G and Huawei honor 5x but cost $100 more. The design bites the Alcatel idol 4. Last I heard BlackBerrys Android skin wasn't too solid even with top notch software (then). Bottom line, you're paying an extra $100 for a nostalgic logo. IMO
Dimitris Mandas15.08.2016, 08:45
Nice cameras 3g ram (good) processor fast charge 5.2 ful HD and front speakers? 300=+1
Jason Wiltjer15.08.2016, 10:45
Nero 3S the design doesn't bite the idol 4s, it's the same design, alcatel sells it to manufacturers.
MindOf Mobile15.08.2016, 15:30
It's fairly priced, but has its drawbacks. A good option if you are an avid Blackberry fan, but if not, then there are definitely better options out there.
Waza Wag15.08.2016, 19:30
DTEK 50 is the perfect  affordable Smartphone
DTEK 50 is 100% Secure Smart & Fun.
What else !
Shantel Dodson16.08.2016, 06:30
I wouldn't even bother. I was stupid enough to spend money on the Priv. I've always loved BlackBerry but I'm done. Waste of money and if it overheats/lags like the Priv then it will hardly be usable. Can't wait until I can go back to Nexus. I'll never leave them again.