Should I upgrade to the Huawei P9 Plus, P9

Jaden Hippler
Should I upgrade to the Huawei P9 Plus, P9, or keep my Nexus 6P


Simone Cucchi21.06.2016, 13:45
Topper Love21.06.2016, 13:45
Don't upgrade. Nexus 6p is a great phone.
Khanin the Uhahkian21.06.2016, 13:45
If course tons of people are gonna tell ya to keep your little Nexi lol+1
Latrell Jennings21.06.2016, 14:45
Huawei sucks. Upgrade to a samsung or lg
Jaden Hippler21.06.2016, 14:45
Latrell Jennings Vlogs​ I've never really like Samsung+2
Jaden Hippler21.06.2016, 14:45
Juliana K21.06.2016, 14:45
Upgrade to next gen nexus for sure
tristan Lau21.06.2016, 14:45
never try huawei idiot ui
Latrell Jennings21.06.2016, 14:45
tristan Lau They definitely went downhill
Graham Thompson21.06.2016, 14:45
Latrell Jennings Vlogs - obviously never used the P9! What a step up from previous stuff. People are always impressed when they have a look at mine. Gets compared to the iPhone quite a bit, but I'd take that as a compliment!
Ludovic Garcia21.06.2016, 14:45
You should wait for next Nexus+1
Joseph O'Connor21.06.2016, 15:45
Keep nexus you get updates for Android
tristan Lau21.06.2016, 17:31
Latrell Jennings Vlogs apparently,u r a victim
Aayushi Acharya22.06.2016, 22:00
Joseph O'Connor​ keep your Nexus
Teddy A22.06.2016, 22:00
You'll get more updates on the Nexus
Boby Lee23.06.2016, 06:00
Latrell Jennings23.06.2016, 06:00
tristan Lau Of...?
tristan Lau23.06.2016, 06:00
Latrell Jennings Vlogs huawei
Latrell Jennings23.06.2016, 06:00
tristan Lau I've owned 1 Huawei phone, and never came back.+1
ayush anand23.06.2016, 08:00
Please give me a mobile free
Gergely Dombóvári23.06.2016, 12:00
Depends on why you got the N6P... I got mine to get the previews, the updates, been a member of Android Beta Program since it exists, and overall I always go Nexus to get the latest software. And I also like stock skinless Android. If you are like me, just buy every second Nexus and you're good to go. On the other hand, if you are not into this stuff and you can sell your N6P for a decent price you might consider upgrading to the OnePlus 3. I would not even look at the others (Samsung, Huawei, LG, etc) since the OnePlus 3 is out, because it absolutely dominates they competition with a very competitive price (and thank God OnePlus realized you only need a 1080p display... Saves battery, improves performance, you never notice the difference between 1080p and above, and I wish my N6P had 1080p screen too)
ayush anand23.06.2016, 12:00
Please bro give me 1 mobile free plz
Devin Li26.06.2016, 15:51
Latrell Jennings Vlogs lol LG sucks
Teddy A27.06.2016, 22:15
Gergely Dombóvári I like my N6 trying to get N6P soon