Should I sell my Galaxy S6 Edge+ and get a OnePlus 3

adrian testiculese jackson
Should I sell my Galaxy S6 Edge+ and get a OnePlus 3?


Lukas Szkaradkiewicz14.10.2016, 23:45
2017 is not far away, pretty near actually.

New phones are coming, along with it new interesting technology.

Save the money, save up a bit more and explore something new next year.+3
adrian testiculese jackson14.10.2016, 23:45
Lukas Szkaradkiewicz I would like to do that but my S6 Edge+ has started randomly shutting down and I'm afraid that it will break and be unselable by then.
Lukas Szkaradkiewicz14.10.2016, 23:45
adrian testiculese jackson

Do a factory reset, clean the phone completely up. If it still happens then that's not good, op3 is a very good device and will remain one for a while.

Its ur choice by the end of the day, me my self I would stay away from the temptation and wait till 2017 as some new ground breaking technologies might appear in terms of fast charging, software (AI), battery life, screen and camera technology.
Mike Fox15.10.2016, 00:45
adrian testiculese jackson​ So you're going to sell a device that is broken and scam someone? How nice of you.
Matt Hyer15.10.2016, 00:45
No question, dump the S6
Marcellus Aurelius (Mark)15.10.2016, 00:45
Though I am going for a One plus 3 soon, if I had a s6 edge+ already in my pocket, I wouldn't even consider it.
adrian testiculese jackson15.10.2016, 01:45
Mike Fox lol. Well I'm sure Lukas Szkaradkiewicz​ is right. A factory reset would likely fix the device. The thing is, I'm a hard core android guy. I use my phone for a lot of games such as Aerofly 2. The issue would be game save and data loss. Sure backing up my data will work to a point but you can never perfectly restore your phone to its former glory after a reset.
adrian testiculese jackson15.10.2016, 01:45
Marcellus Aurelius well my s6 edge+ cost me $420. If you want to get one instead of a oneplus then you could. I wouldn't mind selling my edge+ for $350.
adrian testiculese jackson15.10.2016, 01:45
Matt Hyer 5hat is the way I'm leaning at the moment.
Brad Whitehead15.10.2016, 02:47
Marcellus Aurelius Had mine about a year and I love it. First Samsung phone and am really liking it
Chris Weigel15.10.2016, 05:45
In would say find another option. Ive noticed many negative descriptions of OnePlus customer service. Hopefully you won't ever have to go that route but something to consider
adrian testiculese jackson15.10.2016, 05:45
Tony Nicklow interesting. Yeah I think I will keep the Samsung.
Marcellus Aurelius (Mark)15.10.2016, 13:45
Tony Nicklow Actually all mobiles with NFC have support for 'mobile payment' nowadays.
Chuck Jones15.10.2016, 16:45
It should be a big 'NO' for Oneplus, and a 'yes' for ANY other phone.
Marcellus Aurelius (Mark)15.10.2016, 17:45
Chuck Jones I don't agree. For the phone itself, it is a big yes, as it is one that is honest in price-specs and the updates for this phone (I must admit I have a Oneplus One running Cyanogenmod) are more frequent and there is way less bloatware on it.
Tony Nicklow15.10.2016, 18:45
Marcellus Aurelius​​ Samsung pay also has MST ( magnetic secure transmission) so you can use it anywhere you swipe a credit card so it works everywhere. Where Android and Apple pay need NFC in the credit card terminal which about 1% of terminals have. So only Samsung pay works everywhere. Which my book the best tech any phone has. I exclusively use my phone to pay for everything everywhere. I have no wallet with me. It is far safer then carrying around your physical card.
Marcellus Aurelius (Mark)15.10.2016, 19:45
Tony Nicklow Ah, I guess that is the difference. In my country 60 to 80% is already NFC. Banks switch cards to NFC for free.
Tony Nicklow15.10.2016, 19:50
Marcellus Aurelius​ Here in the USA NFC isn't popular yet so most places don't have it. It's very slowly becoming popular in about 5 years I think it will be in +50% of places. Until then if want want to use you phone to pay you need Samsung pay her in the USA.+1
Martin Skou15.10.2016, 21:00
Still use my S3 from 2012. Running 6.0.1 smooth
Rahul Zain16.10.2016, 16:00
I think it's a better choice but you'll definitely suffer in terms of the screen resolution. Nothing beats a Samsung display
Tony Nicklow17.10.2016, 01:00
Rahul Zain​ why is it a better choice?
adrian testiculese jackson19.10.2016, 01:00
Rahul Zain i do like my samsung. i looked at reviews and specs again and i relized that the edge+ is pretty cool.