Say a big name company, like Samsung or HTC

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Say a big name company, like Samsung or HTC, were to release a legitimate flagship phone that has a plastic build in this day and age. It'll have all the top specs and features, but it just won't be built of metal or glass. Would you buy it?


Karlo Dunatov20.08.2016, 02:45
If they use the same type of plastic HTC used on the One X I'm in. +1
Keturah Finney20.08.2016, 02:45
I would because most of the time we don't even hold it in its natural build. Lol most phones have a case on them so you never feel the back. And although glass and metal make the phone feel better made, they are delegate fragile breakable
Robert Sawyer20.08.2016, 02:45
I won't buy a shamsumg, and I would be very slow to go to htc...
Boss Nerd20.08.2016, 02:45
Robert Sawyer What would you buy?
Emmanuel Guarda (pelelademadera)20.08.2016, 02:45
For me, plastic is more premium than metal in phones, but is my opinion
Robert Sawyer20.08.2016, 02:45
Lg, which is what I'm running currently. Possibly an alcatel, redmi, blue... I had an s3, and it was great. I got an s5 and it was TERRIBLE!!! And the pricing is worse. (Not that LG is much better there) a largr part of my despise for samdung is how locked down their devices are. I realize that the carriers put a lot of pressure on them for that, but the carriers need phones as much as phone companies need carriers.
Filip Neculciu20.08.2016, 02:45
If it has a removable battery, then yes, please. But it should be top specs in all departments.
Jae Judah20.08.2016, 02:50
Robert Sawyer​ question, how are samsung phones locked down?
Cody Smith20.08.2016, 02:59
Jae Judah​​ the bootloader is locked down tighter than Fort Knox, and checks what is on the device, if anything is different that what it expects, it doesn't boot and flips the warranty bit to void. You can't normally even Root anything higher than the s5 without certain exploits that are quickly patched
Boss Nerd20.08.2016, 03:09
Cody Smith I've got a Galaxy S4 that's rooted and the bootloader was automatically unlocked. Like you said, if you want to root a Galaxy, you're going to have to have a Galaxy S5 or lower.
Jens Zalzala20.08.2016, 03:38
I'm over glass backs. The galaxy s7 was great until it shattered. Plastic bends. Bring back the plastic.
Alexander Wells (Dyst0piaN)20.08.2016, 05:00
If you have an extra $800 to buy a phone for its looks - that's an embarrassment.
Jae Judah20.08.2016, 05:00
Cody Smith​ the problem is actually trying to root exynos based samsung devices. Any of the snapdragon based ones were always pretty easy to root. Also it was certain carriers that had locked bootloaders,VZW is a prime example. T-Mobile was usually pretty good at leaving the bootloader unlocked.
Chris Topher20.08.2016, 07:00
My 6p is heavy. I'd prefer it to be plastic with a removable battery.
You are my rock.20.08.2016, 07:00
Why not? People just slap a case on it anyway
Ryan Hewitt20.08.2016, 10:47
If it was cheaper
Flash File30.04.2017, 05:35
I like samsung phones