Sandisk Ultra micro sd card review: I recently

Sandisk Ultra micro sd card review:
I recently decided that I would start putting reviews of various technology products out on Google plus as today I am starting this by reviewing Sandisk's line of Ultra micro sd cards.

The first thing I'd like to say is that I currently own and use the 16, 32, and 64 gigabyte models of Sandisk's Ultra line of micro sd cards. They are also the 2013 model. I have reached out to Sandisk enquiring about some more products including some updated cards to review.

Firstly, the specs. Sandisk claims that their cards are rated for 30mb/s read on my particular model and 48 mb/s on their newer model. In my testing they scored around 28-32 mb/s read which is actually quite remarkable considering usually flash storage doesn't perform as well as they are rated.

Secondly, I heard that Sandisk built their cards to be durable and I wanted to put this to the test. Note before I continue: I don't necessarily recommend you try this. My particular unit was fine but you never know if yours will be. I put my 16 gig card in a glass of water for several minutes then took it out and waited several hours for it to dry. I then popped it in a card reader. My computer read it fine as did my phone. So again Sandisk gets top marks from me in this category.

Finally, I tested reliability. Too often, flash drives and sd cards will spew out errors if you copy large amounts of files. I put the 64 gig Sandisk Ultra to the test and copied 25 gigabytes of music onto the card. I got zero errors during the process, although it did freeze part way through for several minutes. This may not have been the card though, and considering there were no errors from this freeze it wasn't that big of a problem. Again, Sandisk's Ultra line impressed me very much.

So, to summarize this review, I recommend Sandisk's Ultra line of cards. They are fast, durable (in case your phone takes a swim you are less likely to lose data), and reliable for writing large amounts of data. Overall, I have few negative things if any to say about these cards. If your looking for reliable sd cards for your android phone or tablet or for any other device, you can't go wrong with Sandisk's Ultra micro sd cards.

Score: 9/10
Sandisk Ultra micro sd card review: I recently


Gerhard Mikysa30.09.2014, 23:40
Have you ever tried to write data during some minutes? e.g. Timelapse photos? I read that some users have problems after hundrets of images. The writing rate drops and all further images where broken.
strkilla89 30.09.2014, 23:54
Gerhard Mikysa I do use them in phones and tablets. So I'm not sure, but no issues really. I will say I am experiencing an issue with writing ISO files to my 64 gig card at the moment...
Gerhard Mikysa01.10.2014, 09:00
strkilla89 Seems like it is the same issue. The problem I described occured with the action cam vom ACTIONPRO. With a SD card from Samsung, I had no problem.
Mason Mcleod01.10.2014, 09:00
no benchmarks?