LG G WATCH - PERSONAL REVIEW Lg in collaboration

Joe Lavinas
Lg in collaboration with Google have recently released the LG G Watch to the general public. I have had my Lg G Watch for around 3 days now and I must say that it’s far more then what I expected considering that Android wear is still in it’s infancy. I am far from a tech blogger but I did want to give my opinion as a normal day to day user of such a device.
OS: Android Wear (Compatible with Android 4.3+)
STRAP: 22mm (0.86inch) Changeable Watch Strap
DIMENSIONS: 37.9x46.5x9.95 mm
BATTERY: 400 mAh
PROCESSING: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 processor
with 1.2GHz CPU
MEMORY: 512 MB / 4 GB
PORTS & CONNECTORS: Micro USB on Charging Cradle
SENSORS: 9 Axis (Accelerometer/Compass/Gyro)

Operating system -Android Wear 4.4W – Build KMV78V
Android wear has finally been released to the public and is available on The Play store with a dedicated apps section (well done Google) and all I can say is WOW, It is great when you don’t have to remove your phone from your pocket 150 times a day to view messages, notifications etc. Oh don’t get me wrong, we are currently limited in terms of which applications you can interact with on the G Watch (Hangouts lets you reply, You can take a call but not make one, the rest is limited to notifications that you receive on your smart phone) there is so much more that Google and Lg can do with android wear and the future as of now seems to be very bright for Android wear. (Step aside Pebble)

Screen - 1.65” IPS LCD
The most common remark I am reading about and seeing in Video reviews with regards to the screen, is that it is near impossible to view in sunlight, these reviews are from participants of Google IO and have had their devices longer then me. As per my experience, I completely disagree with those statements; I have not had any issues what so ever viewing any Notification, email or Card that has been thrown at my G watch in direct sunlight. 

Dimensions - 37.9x46.5x9.95 mm
On my wrist the Lg G Watch fits like a glove although I do have rather large wrists. The strap is a soft touch rubber (Changeable to any 22mm strap) that complements the basic square-ish design and is extremely comfortable to wear all day long.
Battery – 400 mAh 
This to most would not seem to be large enough, although I have so far been able to get roughly 2 days of heavy use from. Yes it could be larger although that would affect the design and size of the watch itself. Never the less you are still getting 100mAh more than you do with the Galaxy Gear Live.

As a starting point LG and Samsung (besides the fact that they have far more experience with wearable devices then LG) have done wonders with their wearable’s and Google as always has delivered a wonderful OS in Android wear.  A great stepping stone and a world of endless possibilities for developers to produce and share un-imaginable capabilities with their new or altered applications. 
As I go about my day to day and being the only person in the country currently with a Android wear device (not available in Bulgaria) I get asked by many people “Would I suggest going out and purchasing a G watch or Gear Live?” well if you are a person that loves Android and want to be in the first wave of Android wear users I would say sure, either device as a starting point is great, But if you have the patience to wait until the end of summer which in theory is not long to go, I would say hold your horses until Motorola releases the 360 to the public. Only question that is left to ask is “Will Motorola release the 360 in Eastern Europe?” or will we as usual be forgotten?  
LG G WATCH - PERSONAL REVIEW Lg in collaborationLG G WATCH - PERSONAL REVIEW Lg in collaborationLG G WATCH - PERSONAL REVIEW Lg in collaboration