Is there some way that I can export my call logs to a text file

Elton Woo
Is there some way that I can export my call logs to a text file? My phone is a Xperia ZL (C65050. Android version:5.1.1. This is of a somewhat urgent nature.
TIA for any assistance.


Thomas Westrick26.08.2016, 18:45
Search the Play Store for a backup app
Elton Woo26.08.2016, 20:45
Tom Westrick I already have a back up application.

I need to be able to export the logs for the following reason: for the past two months, I have been receiving scam / harassing calls from a major manufacturer's support department.

Said manufacturer has confirmed to me that several other customers have reported the same matter, so I am not the only one. I wish to be able to provide information to that company to assist their internal investigations.

They agree with me that this is probably a disgruntled employee who is trying to create ill-will with their customers.
William Chia28.08.2016, 00:00
IFTTT will help you, you're able to create a recipe that make a file in drive, Dropbox, whit all the data
Elton Woo28.08.2016, 00:00
William Chia thank you. You're the second person who recommended this app. I haven't had time to create an account. For the time being, I "did it the hard way": manually scanned the log, and created a plain text file with the specific entries (phone number, date, time, duration, comments.)

I've already installed IFTTT and will take the time to learn how to use it.
Thanks to all who commented and offered suggestions!