i wanna buy between this phone . which one is good on camera

DarkStrike Kirito
i wanna buy between this phone . which one is good on camera?


David Sanders20.08.2016, 00:45
Are you serious?
Haoliang Jiang20.08.2016, 00:45
One plus 3 is better than Nexus 5x and 1+2+1
Haoliang Jiang20.08.2016, 00:45
Although all of them are made in China LOL
Christopher Prats20.08.2016, 00:45
Don't buy yet, wait until 2016 Nexus. At minimum, the 5x will go down in price or the next Nexus will be better for the MSRP
Chris Topher20.08.2016, 01:45
5x doesn't have enough memory. Only 2gb.
David Burger20.08.2016, 02:45
As a 5x owner, I don't recommend it unless you only use your phone for calls, text, and light social media. The 2GB of RAM is a major handicap if you want to play games or multitask anything meaningful. Mine overheats just listening to podcasts while running navigation. I will be replacing my 5x with one of the new Nexus phones once they are available. I can't speak to the OnePlus 2.
David Tilley20.08.2016, 02:45
Moto x style same price 3gb ram 21 mega pixel camera 5.7 inch screen
Dylan Snyder20.08.2016, 02:45
My Nexus 5 does just fine idk where all the bad reviews come from... I don't play graphics intensive games but I do a lot of browsing mixed with Facebook, google plus, YouTube, music and I never get any hangups on mine.
Timur Bekdjanov20.08.2016, 02:45
Specs: OP2 but Camera: N5X
David Sanders20.08.2016, 07:00
Carson Folio One plus fanboys drive me crazy. Go Axon 7. +1
Carson Folio20.08.2016, 07:00
David Sanders Thanks as i don't even have either. Nexus fanboys are far worse however
David Sanders20.08.2016, 07:00
Carson Folio Yeah, probably. I was just messing around, though I do think the Axon 7 is the better device. One plus does have good specs for the price. I just don't like the little things that they omit. Like sd expansion and nfc.
Carson Folio20.08.2016, 07:00
David Sanders True. Can't live without the extra photo space
David Sanders20.08.2016, 08:00
Carson Folio I could with 64gb, but would rather not have to. I really love nfc for a totally different reason than most. I use it to automatically connect to bluetooth. It makes it so much easier. I would try Android pay, if I could ever get it to work with my rooted devices.
Joseph Yu20.08.2016, 09:00
I suggest neither of those phones.
candy cane20.08.2016, 09:00
David Sanders
Jay Thomas20.08.2016, 13:30
I'd rather a larger low rez censor than a same size hi rez.. why ya all think the iPhone had the spot light for so many years until samsung dropped back on mega pixels for a larger censor/size ratio to a lower pixel count.. now they have one of the best on the market oh and software can make a huge difference look at the same censor but with different software and you will understand.. if I have to explain it ya a dam ass..