How fast is your LTE? TMo on my note4

Max Sandoval
How fast is your LTE?

TMo on my note4
How fast is your LTE?   TMo on my note4


Jimmy Nguyen (Rowdy)13.10.2015, 10:45
Can get up to 40mbit here note 3
Craig Zuber13.10.2015, 10:45
Fastest I've gotten is 126mbps down
Alisdair Märt13.10.2015, 10:45
I have 11,73 download to 3,01 upload but i must say i have the lowest contract from my operator.
Ernie Guerrero13.10.2015, 10:45
I got 43mbps down. Tmobile in Los Angeles County.
Yung Ill13.10.2015, 10:45
I get around 77mbps
McKay Nehring13.10.2015, 10:45
34 here in Utah on T-Mobile. Iv done better before
Paul Eichenberg13.10.2015, 11:45
The best I got tonight was 11 down, 3 up with Sprint in Wisconsin. I'm on an unlimited plan also. Pretty crappy:/
Curtis Hammonds13.10.2015, 11:45
106 down in Houston
Dave Morgan13.10.2015, 11:45
50 down 15 up on AT&T in Arkansas lgg4
Luis Gonzalez13.10.2015, 12:45
The best I've ever gotten is 36mbps down and 6mbps up.
The average I'd say is about 32mbps down and 6mbps up.
T-Mobile in Texas.
Abid hussain13.10.2015, 12:45
45 down 22 up on my zong 4g lte
Tim Myles13.10.2015, 13:45
Best I ever got was 58mbps down on Telstra in Australia.+2
Manan Bhatia13.10.2015, 14:45
85 on my 6s
Aaron Todman13.10.2015, 14:45
70.97 down 26.12 up in Columbus Ohio, not my best
edwardchoi24 13.10.2015, 14:48
Ahmet Serhat Kilinc13.10.2015, 11:15
53down/20up in London on Oneplus One on Three UK. Fastest was 75down/35up
Robin Krols13.10.2015, 19:15
Around 100 down and 60 up
Max Moors13.10.2015, 22:15
87mbps down 64mbps up
Max Sandoval14.10.2015, 06:00
BOO!  I thought mine was fast... LOL  -___-+1
Jimmy Nguyen (Rowdy)14.10.2015, 11:00
Tim Myles which phone do you have ?
James Murphy18.12.2015, 07:45
43 i Sydney
Jimmy Nguyen (Rowdy)18.12.2015, 10:11
Max Sandoval I i think we need screen some screen shots of these quoted speeds?