Hopefully someone can help me with this.

Derek Smith
Hopefully someone can help me with this. I attempted to flash the Google Assistant to my Nexus 6P (nbd90x) using zip files from XDA with TWRP recovery. Flashing the build.prop zip file failed in recovery and now my phone won't boot past the Google logo. I tried wiping the data and cache, but that didn't help. Any idea of what I could do?


Shannon Bishop13.10.2016, 06:45
Did you download the tweaks file also? I made the mistake of forgetting to do it before I flashed the other two files, and it failed for me also.
Derek Smith13.10.2016, 06:46
Shannon Bishop yeah, but I fixed it. Flashed the system, boot, and vendor images
Shannon Bishop13.10.2016, 06:47
Derek Smith I dunno then. That's all I had. Sorry.
Shannon Bishop13.10.2016, 06:48
Derek Smith I had to flash back to stock, and start all over to fix it.
Derek Smith13.10.2016, 06:49
I fixed it
Shannon Bishop13.10.2016, 06:50
Derek Smith Awesome!