Guys which phone should i buy....please help

rául chettri
Guys which phone should i buy....please help??????? and please give REVIEWS...


Cameron Dyal18.06.2016, 14:45
Not the best place to ask this question due to the bias
Christian Concannon18.06.2016, 14:45
Unless Rahal is looking for confirmation of what he already knows he should do, then this is exactly the place to ask.
Martin Guay18.06.2016, 14:45
If you have to really ask, go with an iPhone. Just saying. +4
Christian Concannon18.06.2016, 14:45
Martin Guay lol+1
John Clark18.06.2016, 14:45
OnePlus 3 or Nexus 6P+2
Matthew Bell18.06.2016, 15:45
I like the look of the up coming Moto Z+1
Mark Sutherland18.06.2016, 15:45
1 plus 3+1
rául chettri18.06.2016, 15:45
Christian Concannon thanks christian for supporting me...:)
rául chettri18.06.2016, 15:45
Cameron Dyal i had no idea where to write......:)
Jonsar Shabbir18.06.2016, 15:45
Iphones better unless u want lag lol.
rául chettri18.06.2016, 15:45
Mark Sutherland i heard 1 + 3 has no future updates.
Mark Sutherland18.06.2016, 15:45
rahal chettri Reviews are good and it's quite cheap +1
Aleksandar Nikoloski18.06.2016, 15:45
Martin Guay​​ iphone sucks galaxy s7 is beast  iphone is mid range tech from 2012 galaxy s7 is most advanced smartphone +2
Kwabena Nkrumah18.06.2016, 15:45
Kaushik V18.06.2016, 15:45
Ask this question in the Apple Community and see who leads. Then probably you'll be in a dilemma.+1
Aleksandar Nikoloski18.06.2016, 15:45
Kaushik V​ poor dumb crapple trol pwned by satana crapple haha
Topper Love18.06.2016, 15:45
S7 edge. And the phone doesn't lag. It's simply the best phone ever. +3
Nick DiNaso18.06.2016, 15:45
I actually have both phones, s7 edge is my personal phone and my job gives me the iPhone 6 so I carry both and personally I like the s7 better in every way.+2
Georges Geagea18.06.2016, 15:45
Toughest question of the year by the way! I would go for the s7edge jist because i prefer android! But I'm sure the ip6s+ is just better overall especially experience wise!
Simone Cucchi18.06.2016, 15:45
rául chettri18.06.2016, 15:45
Georges Geagea i saw the reviews on youtube.. galaxy vs iphone... some sayx go for iphone. And some says samsung..... now im confused.... not only that they added nexus p at last
rául chettri18.06.2016, 15:45
Nick DiNaso u have both
Aleksandar Nikoloski18.06.2016, 15:45
rahal chettri​​ if you are smart you will buy galaxy if you are dumb you will pay alot money for mid range garbage from crapple+5
Aleksandar Nikoloski18.06.2016, 15:45
rahal chettri​ yes on paper  haha
Brian Smrz18.06.2016, 15:45
Rahal, Go with the S7 Edge! +1
Chris Williams18.06.2016, 16:45
I actually like my S7 Edge, lost my Iphone but im ok with that. Hope that helps.
Bhupen Gaitonde18.06.2016, 16:45
Go for iphone.. regular updates.. new innovations.. Samsung sucks in updates.. becomes slow in later stages..
Venkatesh Ramanathan18.06.2016, 16:45
Buy one plus 3. Investing on so much in phones is really worthless from my point of view... tech is easily outdated over time..+2
Bryan Carter18.06.2016, 16:45
Aleksandar be together not the same​ you are making Android look bad by just commenting on this post! You sound like an idiot when type. That is all! Good day!+2
Matthew Poole18.06.2016, 17:45
Did anyone ask what phone he had previous to this dilemma? If it was iphone then he's an iPhone person. If Android, then he is android person. That simple i think+1
Ove Nilsson18.06.2016, 17:45
Lg v10 +1
Vitaly D18.06.2016, 17:45
You are asking this queston in an Android community? :D
I think the answer is clear +1
Joe Abbey18.06.2016, 17:45
If you had an Iphone previously and bought games and such on it get an Iphone, otherwise the S7 is a great phone.+1
Jeffrey Jones18.06.2016, 17:45
+Ove Nilsson. My wife has a 6+ and I the v-10. If it had a better battery an would make me trade her because of the camera alone.+1
rául chettri18.06.2016, 17:45
Vitaly D i posted same thing on apple community .. no one replyed :)
rául chettri18.06.2016, 17:45
Aleksandar be together not the same are you drunked buddy???? :)
Aleksandar Nikoloski18.06.2016, 17:45
rahal chettri im fine just i hate stupid people hahahahahaha
Matt Ratcliffe18.06.2016, 17:45
Better research and development; Samsung is still looking forward.
Aleksandar Nikoloski18.06.2016, 17:45
Matt Ratcliffe samsung is innoivation company unlike crapple thyey steal and copy from samsung and other company who innovate and they copy and steal and they say crapple is first such a shame company for stupid people
Matt Ratcliffe18.06.2016, 17:45
No contest, g7 edge Apple use to be a forward thinking company.
Aleksandar Nikoloski18.06.2016, 17:45
Matt Ratcliffe apple still sell tech from 2012 hahah they are behind 3 years behind samsung they are just hardcore copycat for dumb people like you
Filipe Santos18.06.2016, 17:49
Neither. Wait for the fall. New releases on both platforms
Alex Harvey18.06.2016, 18:19
rahal chettri honestly the 6p is probably the better choice. It is slightly older, but because it is stock you will get your updates on time and Samsung ui is still a hot point for a lot of people, but not commenting on performance or design of Touch wiz(Sammy ui) I think that stock Android settings and stuff is just way easier to find your way around in. All of the settings are in one place so you don't have to remember which tab it's under.

As for the iPhone they are more simple just because the OS hasn't changed a whole lot since it launched. It might be easier for people that don't know much about tech but it is sold at much higher margins than Android phone and the screen isnt as good as what you'll find on any Android flagship
Nate Brewer18.06.2016, 18:41
For me, i would go s7edge or wait for s7edge+.
Juan Valencia18.06.2016, 18:42
2k display,fast Charing,waterproof,expandable storage, best camera,snapdragon820,vulkan API, or just wait for the note 7.
Mads Thomsen18.06.2016, 20:00
Martin Guay hehe :D ... not sure how many got that one....
Aleksandar Nikoloski18.06.2016, 20:00
Alexander Fu​​ 13 years old kid rage hahhahaha poor kid hahahhahahhahahhahhhaha internet is bad for stupid kids like you go to school stupid and learn new thing cheap stupid kid hahhahhaahhahahhahahhahahaha+1
Aleksandar Nikoloski18.06.2016, 20:00
Alexander Fu​​ poor kid you dont get your meds today mental retarded 13 yeras old kid you have mental brain issues hahahahhaha+1
Aleksandar Nikoloski18.06.2016, 20:00
Alex Harvey what a dumbass you are so dumb
colin p18.06.2016, 20:00
Martin Guay​ and I was going to say the exact same thing. We don't want him coming back asking about locked bootloaders, rooting and custom ROMs eh?
Rob Norris18.06.2016, 20:00
IPhone lol
Aaron Couts18.06.2016, 20:00
Neither lol not a fan of iphones and Samsung does not stand behind their products.
Jake Vegas18.06.2016, 21:00
LG V10 best one you can get
Aleksandar Nikoloski18.06.2016, 21:00
Rob Norris you are dumb lol+1
Jake Vegas18.06.2016, 21:00
It's an all around amazing phone if your going for camera and picture quality you have so many optionsto make your phone basically into a DSLR camera but if you want simplicity then it does that as well it had an amazing 3200 mi battery that lasts for days as well with super fast charging for on the go, if your a person that likes to customize your phone as in its layout and launchers and making it to your taste it's perfect for that it is very sleek and luxurious without giving up key necessities like you can add a micro SD card or remove the battery for on the go battery replacement, I highly recommend this phone to anyone experienced or not
Mark Colbourne18.06.2016, 21:00
Question is have you invested any money on iTunes or play store? If you have, then stick with the one that you have spent money on.
Danilo Omas18.06.2016, 21:00
If you need good and productivity smartphone got huawei p9+, i believe there's no doubt for choosing huawei p9+,
michael lengyel18.06.2016, 21:00
Your asking on an Android form. So you should know the answer from most of us. Lol

But it all depends on what you like more iOS or Android. They have same screen size but the S7 Edge is better in every way. You also get a better camera with the S7 Edge. And far more options. Big battery, power management, quick charge via wire or wireless. And as most would say has more freedom to do things with. Oh and my top favorite thing is the water resistant of the Galaxy S7 Edge.
michael lengyel18.06.2016, 21:00
As Mark C​ stated also depends on your investment in the ecosystems. But if it's just music you can use either on either platform.
Norron McDonald18.06.2016, 23:00
The s7 edge I'd more compact, with a bigger screen and battery. IPhone is faster. Depends on which OS you prefer
Aleksandar Nikoloski18.06.2016, 23:00
Norron McDonald icrap is mid range idiot galaxy s7 is high range use your brain stupif twat+2
Norron McDonald18.06.2016, 23:00
No need to be harsh. I don't like Apple, but I know how to give an unbiased opinion. Apple is a waste of money to me
Aleksandar Nikoloski18.06.2016, 23:00
Norron McDonald​ hahhahahah stupid idiot  read your post
Jason Wiltjer18.06.2016, 23:00
Darth PuffMaN+1
Tyler Balanowski18.06.2016, 23:00
Aleksandar be together not the same you're an idiot. I hope you get banned.
Brandt Kruger18.06.2016, 23:00
iPhone 6sP of course, more secure :) If you want to fiddle and play with lots of apps, Andriod. iPhone give you security and the 6s P is a strong phone but have less apps and is not a phone to fiddle with. The iPhones just feel better, more polished. I just use it with standerd stuff like G+, Facebook, WhatsApp, Inbox, maps, evernote, iTunes, Twitter. If I want to fiddle I do it on Ubuntu :)
Niall Porr19.06.2016, 00:00
Brandt Kruger iOS and Mac OS are the top in vulnerabilities, they are quite unsafe. The "Virus proof mac" is quite an old, untrue rumor.
Pablo Station19.06.2016, 00:00
If you wanna be locked in to something, and being told what you should like, go for iPhone, If you want the freedom to choose go with any Android OEM other than Samsung. +1
PuffMaN OwYeah19.06.2016, 00:00
Jason Wiltjer wrong community, Jason
Jason Wiltjer19.06.2016, 01:00
Darth PuffMaN God dammit
Aleksandar Nikoloski19.06.2016, 01:00
Tyler Balanowski​ you are stupid idiot geta brain stupid isheep  pwned by crapple stupid garbage
Aleksandar Nikoloski19.06.2016, 01:00
Niall Porr ios is for less brain people man they dont have brain hahahHa cheers +1
Jason Wiltjer19.06.2016, 01:00
Aleksandar be together not the same Or people who just don't care that much about their phones. my parents have iphones but they only use them to test, call, and play candy crush lol.
Tyler Balanowski19.06.2016, 01:00
Everyone just needs to report Aleksandar be together not the same​ 's profile and block him. Btw, I have an S5. Never had an iPhone. But you're still being an annoying troll, that needs to get a life. Seriously dude. Have you been at this all day?
Aleksandar Nikoloski19.06.2016, 01:00
Jason Wiltjer​ no brain people shame on you idiot 
Tyler Balanowski19.06.2016, 01:00
Aleksandar be together not the same​ you say you hate stupid people, yet my 4 year old can spell, and has much better punctuation than you. It looks like you're the one that is the idiot.
Jason Wiltjer19.06.2016, 01:00
Aleksandar be together not the same Ok... You're retardation is starting to make me light headed..... Blocked.
Aleksandar Nikoloski19.06.2016, 01:00
Tyler Balanowski you are stupid man english is not my first language you are just stupid trol who dont have life your familly is stupid also
Aleksandar Nikoloski19.06.2016, 01:00
+Jason Wiltjer men retarded crapple idiot hahahhaha man you are so dumb your iq must be 0
Tyler Balanowski19.06.2016, 01:00
When you talk about yourself, you're supposed to use a capital I, like that, retard lol
Aleksandar Nikoloski19.06.2016, 02:43
Alexis Boom​​ omg another cm sheep meh  if no Googel than no cm stupid cm sheep  cm sucks so hard with full bugs
byron floyd19.06.2016, 02:58
John Clark I have to admit that OnePlus hit a homerun with their new phone.... yeah I'm probably going to get the one plus 3..
The Boss19.06.2016, 02:58
S7 edge by a mile, but I'm waiting for the S8 S8 edge coming next year or Sony Xperia Z6 premium.
Jason Wiltjer19.06.2016, 02:59
byron floyd Ya it looks great, I'm glad they finally got rid of that retarded invite system.
Jason Wiltjer19.06.2016, 03:15
The Boss I'm pretty sure the X replaced the Z line-up.+1
byron floyd19.06.2016, 03:15
If you have to ask this question on Google Plus, then you might as well go with the iPhone ... because apparently you're not smart enough to operate a Android phone......
The Boss19.06.2016, 03:15
Jason Wiltjer​ right but the X is somewhat of a downgrade from the Z isn't it. Maybe I just don't like the X.
Aleksandar Nikoloski19.06.2016, 03:15
byron floyd poor you
Jason Wiltjer19.06.2016, 04:15
The Boss No, it is a downgrade, but they wont be coming out with a z6.
Scott Reynolds19.06.2016, 04:15
NO EDGE.....just s7
Alex Cuate19.06.2016, 05:15
I have an S7 Edge and the edge panel and always on display are super helpful+1
Rob Fetterhoff19.06.2016, 06:15
S7 is soooooo much better.+1
Efrain Trejo19.06.2016, 08:15
I have the s7 edge love the screen on it
Wes A. Haque19.06.2016, 09:15
The One Plus 3 just came out. No invite system this time. You should really get that. It's half the price of both of these phones and has the exact same specs.
Abhishek Paul19.06.2016, 12:15
It depends on ur personal choice of ecosystem. Android and iOS are both totally different system. U should think what kind of system u do prefer +1
Yanuar Handoso19.06.2016, 12:15
U shouldn't ask this stuff here....this is android
jay Marcano21.06.2016, 07:30
If I was u I would go with the galaxy s7 edge I have it myself and I love it especially the sdcard also water resistant if u buy the iPhone 6s plus u will be disappointed because if u like to customize ur phone then the galaxy s7 edge will be the one for u trues me
Jorge Jr21.06.2016, 14:15
Lg phone dont buy samsung its garbage unless u are a nerd to unlock it.
Alex Cuate21.06.2016, 15:15
Samsung makes great phones, couldn't cross over to Apple after I've had one already. The specs aren't the same between the S7 Edge and the One Plus 3. The screen resolution alone is completely different. Galaxy always had more customization to it whereas with apple your stuck with how apple wants you to customize it. Then having to deal with iTunes for everything is tasking and annoying+1
cassnova brown22.06.2016, 11:15
Lgv10 or the htcm9 or the galaxy 7edge. No iphone6p
rául chettri27.06.2016, 13:06
cassnova brown iphone 5??
rául chettri27.06.2016, 13:07
Alex Cuate i think aamsung
rául chettri27.06.2016, 13:07
Jorge Jr samsung useless??
Wes A. Haque27.06.2016, 13:17
I have the HTC One M9. It's a solid phone. Decent battery life, smooth UI, rock solid performance. Ever since the Marshmallow update the overheating issues have also been addressed. The only issue is the camera. It's not a weak camera by any means but it needs tweaking out of the box. And unlike most other camera apps, the camera on the M9 offers tons of options for tweaking from max ISO to shutter speed to exposure to white balance. And the best part is you can save each tweak combination as a separate mode. I have a low light mode and fast motion mode asides the auto mode and I can switch between them with just a down-swipe. And the phone is built like a tank.
rául chettri03.07.2016, 14:00
Christian Concannon​ i bought galaxy s7 edge
rául chettri03.07.2016, 14:00
Wes A. Haq htc has heating problem all the tym
Christian Concannon03.07.2016, 14:00
rahal chettri no, I didn't. I was about ready to buy an S7E, but news/rumors started coming out about the Note 7. With just a few months between I decided to wait for the Note 7. The Note 3 sold me in the Note line, the Note 4&5, not so much, but the Note 3 has been great, and has made enough of an impression that even after the N4/5 fiascos I'm still on the line. The N7 seems like it will be what it should be as a Note.
Wes A. Haque03.07.2016, 15:00
rahal chettri the new update has resolved those issues. I game hardcore on my phone all the time. Zero temperature issues since marshmallow.
cassnova brown03.07.2016, 17:45
rahal chettri lol no iPhone period
Alex Cuate04.07.2016, 03:45
rahal chettri get the S7 edge and join the galaxy forever program. That way you get the latest every year