Do you think the future android phones should remove the headphone jack

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Do you think the future android phones should remove the headphone jack?


Luca Della Bonzana02.01.2017, 05:45
That's stupid
Jason Wiltjer02.01.2017, 05:45
Yes absolutely, I've been without a headphone jack for a month and I don't miss it one bit. Its not needed anymore and if people would find it a try then most people would be fine as well.
Luca Della Bonzana02.01.2017, 05:45
Jason Wiltjer headphones? Speakers and car stereos?
Jason Wiltjer02.01.2017, 05:45
Luca Della Bonzana go Bluetooth
Luca Della Bonzana02.01.2017, 05:45
Jason Wiltjer 1) Bluetooth uses a compressed audio signal
2) Bluetooth drains your battery way faster
3) it's other more thing that you have to charge
Chris Martin02.01.2017, 05:45
Jason Wiltjer what if you don't have Bluetooth in your car?
Glenn Caldwell02.01.2017, 05:45
I use Bluetooth anyway so wouldn't matter to me+1
Jason Wiltjer02.01.2017, 05:45
Luca Della Bonzana I charge my headphones and speaker once a problem at all and its worth the convince. And for compressed audio, only an audiophile would care, and that's why I said it won't effect mist people. But audiophiles can use USB c adapters or USB c headphones.
Jason Wiltjer02.01.2017, 05:45
Chris Martin get either a USB c adapter or a Bluetooth adapter
Chris Martin02.01.2017, 05:45
I have never gotten Bluetooth receivers to work without interference. And my car doesn't have it built in.
Jason Wiltjer02.01.2017, 05:45
Chris Martin you have gotten the wrong ones, I've had a few and all have work. Make sure you don't get the cheapest Chinese ones you can find.
Chris Martin02.01.2017, 05:45
Some of us aren't made of money
Jason Wiltjer02.01.2017, 05:45
Chris Martin well if you get a mew flagship that doesn't have a headphone jack then I'm sure you can afford a $10 piece of tech. And if you can't, get a $5 USB c adapter
Chris Martin02.01.2017, 05:45
I've gotten a $10 Bluetooth receiver. I even got a $50 one all have interference. USB c adapters are awkward as you can't charge at the same time. Also, you stated that future android phones should have no headphone jack not just the flagship phones.
Jason Wiltjer02.01.2017, 05:45
Chris Martin well it will start with flagships only. And there will always be people like you who will just refuse to push the future, but it us coming and you can complain all you like. The same way people don't like the push to USB c on laptops, but its happening an in a couple years everything will be USB c.
Luca Della Bonzana02.01.2017, 05:45
Jason Wiltjer 2) Drains your battery way faster
Jason Wiltjer02.01.2017, 05:45
Luca Della Bonzana low power Bluetooth will drain my phone 1% in 30 min, that's fine for me.
Chris Martin02.01.2017, 05:46
Jason Wiltjer and there will be people like you who think that what works for you is "progress". Flagship devices become mainstream in a year at best. And unfortunately I don't have the same crystal ball you have. Maybe USB c will go the same way as FireWire or 2.88mb floppies. It's the public that makes the tech succeed or fail.
Jason Wiltjer02.01.2017, 05:48
Chris Martin USB c has been adopted by way too many already, it really can't flop. But talk to me in 1 or 2 years and we will see how many flagships have headphone jacks.
Chris Martin02.01.2017, 05:50
Jason Wiltjer​ just because the isheep have no headphone jack does not mean everyone else doesn't want one. FireWire was adopted by a huge number of computer manufacturers. I have several that have it. Doesn't mean I or anyone I know has ever used it.
Jason Wiltjer02.01.2017, 05:57
Chris Martin we'll see, this is my view on all this. I was the same way as you when the iPhone ant Moto z came out with mo headphone jack, but I have it a try and I don't miss it at all. What I'm saying is that it's a much smaller deal than people make it out to be and most people wont have any problems switch to Bluetooth and USB c/ lightning adapters.
Danny Amarsena02.01.2017, 09:15
Stupid idea!+1
Luca Della Bonzana02.01.2017, 10:15
And if I go to a friend's house and want to play a track from my phone on his speakers? Oh man I forgot my adapter srry+1
BBQ_Chicken 02.01.2017, 11:15
The headphone jack does eventually need to go, but only when they have found a fully adequate replacement. Right now, wireless headphones are not at the same level of quality and reliability as wired.+1
Jason Wiltjer02.01.2017, 11:15
As soon as the pixel, s8, or whatever your favorite phone is finally decides to lose the headphone jack (which will be soon) 90% of the complaining will be gone.
Luigie Gonzalez (LUGO)02.01.2017, 12:15
BBQ_Chicken exactly!
Of course having wireless is much better, but right now the quality isn't there aside for portability and confort. There's a huge amount of people that value the quality.. And like Luca Della Bonzana​ said, if I want to play a track on some professional system, that'd be impossible.
Erling Larsson02.01.2017, 12:15
One more thing to charge. Soundquality bad.
Robert Cox02.01.2017, 16:30
Luca Della Bonzana USB headphones
Luca Della Bonzana02.01.2017, 20:30
Robert Cox I charge my phone while listening to music
Grant Murdock03.01.2017, 00:30
If all Android phones came standard with wireless charging so the charge port could be used for headphones, then sure.
Robert Cox03.01.2017, 00:30
+Luca Della Bonzana USB hub
Jason Wiltjer03.01.2017, 00:30
Robert Cox these people aren't willing to change their routine at all until they are forced to, but until then they will continue to find ways to complain so our valid arguments seem useless.
Luca Della Bonzana03.01.2017, 00:30
Jason Wiltjer sorry sir "valid arguments" you want to get rid off an universal port, to replace it with Bluetooth? That's ridiculous
Jason Wiltjer03.01.2017, 00:30
Luca Della Bonzana how is that ridiculous? You give up slight sound quality for having no wires....I know audiophiles will always choose the wire until they are absolutely equal, but for normal people...I don't see the problem. And if you're worried about charging them, Bluetooth headphones are getting to the point of 20 plus hours of use....idk about you, but I never charge my headphones.more than once a week.
Luca Della Bonzana03.01.2017, 00:30
Jason Wiltjer oh, before you charged them once a month, now once a week, with that I know you are lying, and the biggest problem is that Bluetooth drains your battery you know, and Bluetooth headphones are easier to loose and more expensive, so if you break them you are loosing more money.
When I was going back home, my battery was 11% and after listening to music for half an hour it was 9%, obviously, that won't happen with Bluetooth on
Jason Wiltjer03.01.2017, 01:30
Luca Della Bonzana I said no more than once a week, but that's when I'm listening to music for hours and hours a day, but with my normal usage....yet I make it a month without charging....and my battery only drains 2% per half hour with Bluetooth headphones. If yours drains mire then that's the phone not being optimized or using older Bluetooth technology. Not the fault of the I'm not talking about fully wireless earphones, I'm.not.fond of those as of yet. I'm talking about either Bluetooth earphones that connect around tour neck or Bluetooth headphones (which are what I use). Neither of those are easier to loose than any wired headphones.I've had because you notice when your headphones fall off.....