 SIM Type -: Optional Dual SIM  Display-

Gaurav Kumar
 SIM Type -: Optional Dual SIM
 Display-: 3.5 Inches TFT Capacitive Touch Screen Display
 Camera-: 2 MP Rear Camera and VGA Front Camera
 RAM,Internal Memory-:512 MB,4 GB
 Chipset-: Mediatek MT6572
 Operating System-:  Android 4.4.2(Kitkat)
 Processor-: 1 GHz Dual Core Processor,Cortex-A7
 Battery-:1300 mAh (Li-Ion)

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Cameron Plas16.09.2015, 05:00
Am I the only one that wants a 5in Sony or Motorola Nexus?
LG/Samsung/HTC have had their turn. +2
Nero 3S16.09.2015, 05:00
Cameron Plas so has moto
Eric Sorensen16.09.2015, 05:00
Cameron Plas Yeah, I was sort of hoping for Sony.
Cameron Plas16.09.2015, 05:00
Nero 3S Shoot forgot about Nexus 6 LOL. Sony it is than. 
Alex Hong16.09.2015, 05:00
"We now have confirmation from sources within LG that the company is indeed considering making the 2015 Nexus."

Confirmation from sources within LG, is not the same as LG confirming publicly. And a source confirming a rumour that LG is considering making the next Nexus is as vague as it gets. As one of the major Android OEMs, I am sure that at any given time, LG is "considering" a lot of things.

¯\(ツ)/¯ +1
Kris Carlon16.09.2015, 05:00
The point is that the offer is on the table Alex Hong​. Considering until a week ago no one was even considering a possible Nexus from LG, the fact that we now know it's a real possibility is good enough for me. I'm excited anyway. ;) +1
Nick Coakley16.09.2015, 05:00
If it was basically the g4 but 5.2" that would be a fantastic. If they can add wireless charging too I would be ecstatic.
Kris Carlon16.09.2015, 05:00
Nick Coakley you know LG has confirmed wireless for the G4 now yeah? I think a slightly smaller G4 with a different chip (but the same camera) would be unbelievably good. Especially if it was around the Nexus 5 price.
Elliott Ware16.09.2015, 05:00
Nah. Give Sony the next chance for a new Nexus phone.
Peter Krull16.09.2015, 05:00
Kris Carlon Google cant (or wont) do good camera software. But we will see what Android M can do about that.