Hey everybody, Just trying to share a video on my channel (which Im trying to start up)

Ash Tailor (tremblingwater)
Hey everybody,

Just trying to share a video on my channel (which Im trying to start up). I have other videos too if you feel like checking out :)

I dont know if you've heard of the 'Sense' sleep tracker. It's a new product (funded from Kickstarter) by 'Hello'. 

I finally received my unit and I've made a few videos - An unboxing, first night and initial impressions and after a week. 

The tracker is all controlled via the app so it's a pretty cool way to check all the data and current readings. 

I would love it if you could take a look and let me know what you think. It's a cool product with potential. 

Are any of you into tracking your sleep? I was glad to hear that there was finally a bespoke device catered for just the very thing!

Thanks guys!


Jag Mathauda16.09.2015, 05:00
petteri klenberg16.09.2015, 05:00
Xperia z3
Robin Krols16.09.2015, 05:00
There's a huge difference between 5" and 6", just saying ;-) is the cost of the Edge really worth it in comparison to the normal S6 ?
Vihara Weerasuriya16.09.2015, 05:00
Robin Krols Yes, i think the s6 edge is worth enough for the price. I had heard but i dont know exactly.
Rasmus Lindegaard16.09.2015, 05:00
Sony xperia highend model
Przemek “MrMD69” Mirek16.09.2015, 05:00
One plus one+4
SnoofGaming 16.09.2015, 05:00
IPhone 6+
Sunny Chan16.09.2015, 05:00
I recommend a OnePlus​ One
K. “MrPs4All” .Man16.09.2015, 05:00
Robin Krols16.09.2015, 05:00
Vihara Weerasuriya​ I meant, the difference between the S6 and S6E is abound €150 over here... Those extra bits of screen don't serve a purpose in my opinion...
John Sartain16.09.2015, 05:00
OnePlus one
jake hildebrant16.09.2015, 05:00
Another vote for OPO. Any time you have a poll on G+ and include a Nexus 6 it will always win. +1
Daniel Evans16.09.2015, 05:00
Note 4
Michael Ljunggreen16.09.2015, 05:00
Xperia 3+
Riccardo Cavaleri16.09.2015, 05:00
MUSLIM HUAWEI16.09.2015, 05:00
Huawei p8 max is the best
Usaama Ansari16.09.2015, 05:00
Go for moto x 2nd gen
Vihara Weerasuriya16.09.2015, 05:00
Robin Krols Yeah, i do agree on your statement!! No point of spending money just for the screen.
Robin Krols16.09.2015, 05:00
Vihara Weerasuriya the Note 4 Edge had some edge abilities and functionalities for the extra screen, on the S6 Edge it just looks nice (have to admit), but no purpose really... If you don't find 5.1" satisfying buy an A7 or something if you want to stick with Samsung ;-)​
Vihara Weerasuriya16.09.2015, 05:00
Robin Krols No i dont want to stick with samsung, this time i need a change because all the phones i had are samsung. What about iPhone 6?
Davis Matthews16.09.2015, 05:00
Don't get nexus, they are announcing a new one in a couple of months. Get the g4
Robin Krols16.09.2015, 05:00
Vihara Weerasuriya​ never had an iPhone before, but they are pretty solid products ! Specs aren't overwhelming, but they do what they're designed for :) you just pay an extra fee for the name (too bad, but Samsung is going there as well) you can consider an iPhone if you have a Mac, iPod or iPad already ;-) otherwise I wouldn't recommend it.+1
Ahmed Shaalan16.09.2015, 05:00
1 plus 2
Augie Espinal16.09.2015, 05:00
Amit Deshmukh16.09.2015, 05:00
Mi 4
dan ogaa16.09.2015, 05:00
Acer e39
Aaron Powers16.09.2015, 05:00
Note 4
Pedro José Rodríguez Quero16.09.2015, 05:00
Moto G 2nd Generation
Blaudy Rodriguez16.09.2015, 05:00
Galaxy Note 4
Haroldo Ramirez16.09.2015, 05:00
Droid turbo
Rasmus Lindegaard16.09.2015, 05:00
Vihara Weerasuriya funny, considering most smartphones are 75% + screen :)
Robin Krols16.09.2015, 05:00
Rasmus Lindegaard However, there are very few phones with over 75% StB ratio out there !
Dipesh Nayee16.09.2015, 05:00
Matthew Bassett haha very true touchwiz is absolute garbage
Dipesh Nayee16.09.2015, 05:00
HTC One M8/M9
fadi fallouhs16.09.2015, 05:00
Xperia z3+
Dominic Kasperowicz16.09.2015, 05:00
Samsung galaxy s6
Francis Macdonald (Taz)16.09.2015, 05:00
Galaxy Note 4... With Lollipop.
Raja M16.09.2015, 05:00
OnePlus one with Exodus 5.1.1
Blaster Jonathan16.09.2015, 05:00
HTC m9
Brett Houser16.09.2015, 05:00
Note 4 with all the features and functionality of this phone plus the S-Pen makes the Note 4 a performance powerhouse.