Dots :A Game About Connection. Highly addictive

Arion Hossain
Dots :A Game About Connection. Highly addictive, good while waiting for the subway.
Wondering if you'll read this long post.
Just download this game yesterday. Connect dots horizontally and vertically to gain points and currency, the dots itself. You can compare your scores to the world, or your Facebook (who uses it) and Twitter (does Twitter has followers, right?) friends. Unfortunately, no G+ score comparing.
Join dots of same colour and gain points for each dot joined. If you create a square, or a line of dots joining itself, all the dots of the same color on the board will be removed.
There are two types of game, timed which gives you 1min to remove dots ASAP. Limited moves gives you 30 moves to remove dots. A third mode called "Endless" gives you infinite time and moves to play, but is available as an in-app purchase of about 122INR.
The dots also pair up as in-game currency, which lets you to buy power-ups, which are universal.
The first one is universal, though with different names and function, that means if you use it in timed mode it'll also affect moves mode. It stops timer for 5sec in timed mode, and adds 5 more moves in limited moves mode. It can be used only once per game, and can be purchased for 1000 dots for 5.
The second one is called "shrinker", which removes a dot by double-tapping the dot, or by tapping the icon and selecting the dot. Can be used as many times in a game as you have it, can be purchased for 500 dots 5. (The cheapest)
The third one is called "expander". You have to tap it and then tap the dot of the colour you want to remove, and all are removed! It can be used only once per game, can be purchased for 5000 dots for 5.
It also has a multiplayer mode, but it's not that you're sitting in your bedroom in Kolkata and competing with someone from Seoul, Chicago and Mumbai. Finished your turn, pass your S3 to the next player. You can have maximum of 4 players. So if you're hanging out with your bandmates at Starbucks, then turn up your competitive side with this game.
You can customize your username for leaderboards, change the theme, the colour of dots, earn trophies along with many other features. Overall I give this game 8/10 points. Sometimes lags a bit, but that's all. And they could decrease the price to 55INR (tho' I don't do in-app purchase). A must-have game for your Android.

Dots :A Game About Connection. Highly addictiveDots :A Game About Connection. Highly addictiveDots :A Game About Connection. Highly addictive


Abdullah Alam22.04.2014, 17:00
Way too battery intensive...
Blendi Krasniqi22.04.2014, 17:00
Drains battery more than a 3D game, and not to mention my phone gets crazy hot. This is what I call bad coding. 
Abdullah Alam22.04.2014, 17:00
Totally agree... other than that, a very fun game...