When my regex returned exactly what I expected

Vikram Ghadge
When my regex returned exactly what I expected .
When my regex returned exactly what I expected


Christopher Wiley24.08.2014, 11:10
That just happened.
Gordon Woo24.08.2014, 11:43
What movie is this from?
Vikram Ghadge24.08.2014, 11:49
Gordon Woo  Singham , Bollywood Movie . 
John Sicat24.08.2014, 12:15
That's one confident man! Suicidal. But very confident. +1
Aksam MSI24.08.2014, 12:15
hehehe .... very nice
Prashant M24.08.2014, 13:09
Vikram Ghadge I hope there is nothing in singham 2 right ?!? :-P
Mano Graen24.08.2014, 13:37
Vikram Ghadge24.08.2014, 14:17
Prashant M  Yeah i saw singham 2 , there also same scene but with car is  not jump over head.
Johnny Wishbonn24.08.2014, 18:30
This could only happen in Hollywood
Mano Graen24.08.2014, 18:30
But this is bollywood.
Jonas Mendes24.08.2014, 18:34
Henrique Pinheiro hahaha
Mano Graen24.08.2014, 18:36
Even superman can't do this kind of action
Christopher Niceley24.08.2014, 22:30
Lol. Awesome
John Sicat24.08.2014, 23:30
Is it because of the perspective changing that the car faced the other side of the screen? I'm trying to figure out if it's on purpose or not.
Mano Graen24.08.2014, 23:32
@jhon sicat http://youtu.be/En_8UgGZXio this link may help you to figure out
John Sicat25.08.2014, 00:16
Mano Graen Thanks, man. This helped a great deal! ☺
Brian Carpenter25.08.2014, 07:28
Dorian GrimStorm25.08.2014, 21:00
Like a boss
Randy Watkins12.09.2014, 06:49
Cool editing definitely used multiple dark vehicles for roll over an multiple cuts count at least 6