Top 10 overall apps: Part 1 (wondering if you'll read this long post) 1

Arion Hossain
Top 10 overall apps: Part 1 (wondering if you'll read this long post)

1. Evernote: It's the best one when it comes to note taking apps, no doubt. You can take notes by typing or taking photos, and offers cloud storage. The best part is that it also has OCR to scan through texts in pics. But it has a learning curve, too.

2. Flipboard: If you are a social networker and have 2 FB accounts, a Twitter, an Instagram and probably a Foursquare or Tumblr and obviously G+, then Flipboard is where you go. It gathers all your social network feed into one place, and also some news website apps like TOI. It's really helpful since it saves your time from logging into 7 accounts +1 news app.

3. Kindle: It's like Google Play Books, but simpler, and better. Sync all your e-books; and you can even sync your notes, bookmarks and last point read. Reading heaven!

4. WhatsApp: Ever since Facebook acquired this one, people are looking for alternatives. But still WhatsApp is on the top of IM apps. It's distracting, annoying; but obviously it's charm, appeal and convenience made it popular. The only must-have IM client, circa 2014, if you have more than two friends. The downside: You have to pay $0.99/per year to use it.

5. OneDrive: Earlier known as SkyDrive, it's MS' very own cloud storage. You may prefer Google Drive, but if you have an Android AND a Windows Phone, it's a must-have. You can sync your files from anywhere- from your smartphone, tablet, desktop or even from the web. The servie allows sharing your data with the world, specific people or OneDrive users. You have 7GB storage + 3GB for students. Total: 10GB space. Fantastic!

Source: Digit March 2014 issue